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COMING SOON - Libertopia 2014!

Festival News and Updates

  • Festival Times:
  • Thursday August 29 – 4-7pm – Pre-Registration
  • Friday August 30 – 9a.m. – 12 – Opening Ceremonies
  • Monday September 2 – 1pm – Closing Ceremonies


  • Featured Events for Libertopia 2013
  • Parties, Parties, Parties!
  • Music: Tatiana Moroz to perform at Libertopia!
  • “Alongside Night” special Screening
  • “Silver Circle” special screening
  • Screening of “Sovereign Living”

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The worlds leading authorities on Voluntaryism, free market economics, law, philosophy, psychology of self-esteem, political science, entrepreneurship, gold and precious metals and other investments, privacy strategies, peaceful parenting, non-traditional schooling and so much more.
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Libertopia Village

The concept of a voluntary community will come to life at Libertopia Village and we invite you to join us. Create your own unique space to network and trade. Attract others with similar interests. Engage in impromptu conversations. Spark new ideas and projects.
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Libertopia TV

Check out Libertopia’s own TV channel. Watch speeches, panels from previous Libertopia Festivals and selected videos that best showcase Voluntaryism.
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Libertopia Magazine

Libertopia Magazine is an online resource filled with articles, videos and podcasts intended to help individuals interested in living their lives through the five freedom-oriented principles. The magazine strives to be a full-service resource, sharing information on topics such as finance, health, effective communication and peaceful parenting, which will help you gain the knowledge you need to confidently live free, with less reliance on the coercive state.
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Libertopia Productions

Short entertaining videos containing succinct messages are a powerful way to spread a message. Society is constantly evolving which means a single video containing a succinct message that goes viral has the potential to literally change the world. Therefore, with the goal of spreading the word about the voluntaryist philosophy, Libertopia Productions plans to produce short animated videos that are educational, informative and fun. These videos will help enlighten and illuminate a world free of the state.
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