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Libertopia is …

a voluntary community based on freedom and peace, where each individual’s dignity is respected. The community strives to live life according to the following five principles:

1. Live peacefully. The axiomatic and first principle of Libertopia is that we reject all forms of aggression, coercion and violence. All interactions with others are voluntary.

2. Honor the self. Each one of us is unique in the universe, endowed with free will, reason and dignity. We celebrate and radically express this unique individuality.

3. Rule Yourself. As free and sovereign individuals, we rule ourselves and are totally responsible for all our actions.

4. Accept and respect others. We embrace our diversity and uniqueness and share a radical tolerance and acceptance of different lifestyles and life choices.

5. Embrace spontaneous order. We allow order to arise by pursuing happiness, respecting each other, and engaging in peaceful and voluntary interactions — exploring, experimenting, discovering, creating, innovating, sharing, selling, trading, gifting, prospering and loving one another.

Libertopia Magazine

Libertopia Magazine is an online resource filled with articles, videos and podcasts intended to help individuals interested in living their lives through the five freedom-oriented principles. The magazine strives to be a full-service resource, sharing information on topics such as finance, health, effective communication and peaceful parenting, which will help you gain the knowledge you need to confidently live free, with less reliance on the coercive state.

Libertopia Productions

Short entertaining videos containing succinct messages are a powerful way to spread a message. Society is constantly evolving which means a single video containing a succinct message that goes viral has the potential to literally change the world. Therefore, with the goal of spreading the word about the voluntaryist philosophy, Libertopia Productions plans to produce short animated videos that are educational, informative and fun. These videos will help enlighten and illuminate a world free of the state.


Libertopia is a part of the Libertalia Foundation, Inc., a 501c3 tax-exempt non-profit organization, dedicated to spreading the principles of free-market economics and voluntaryism. Donations are tax-deductible. We respectfully ask for your help as we strive to expand and promote a society where all interactions are voluntary.