Now in its fifth year, Libertopia Festival continues to grow and evolve. For the first four years, the focus of Libertopia centered on providing great liberty-oriented speakers, such as Peter Thiel and Doug Casey and will continue to provide these types of inspirational and educational speakers.

However, it’s also time to start helping each other live the freedom philosophy in our daily lives. This is why Libertopia 2014 will be primarily organized in a workshop format. We don’t want you sitting in a chair and listening, we want you to have the opportunity to take an active role by participating in a wide variety of workshops.

It’s time to stop talking and start living.

Libertopia 2014 focuses on ways you can increase freedom and happiness in your daily interactions with others, particularly amongst your own family and friends. Come and learn more about topics that matter in your daily life, such as how to resolve conflicts, how to raise a child through peaceful parenting, how to start your own business. In short, how to live free in an unfree world.

This is where freedom begins, in your own personal life, with your family, your children, your friends, and your business relationships.

Let’s share ideas. Let’s connect and network.

Let’s stop talking about a peaceful voluntary society and start living it.

Libertopia 2014 is your chance to actually experience what it can be like to live free. We want to create a temporary community, even if only for 3 to 4 days, where everyone around you respects each other’s sovereignty and property.

Libertopia 2014 is a place where we can all learn together. Let’s educate each other. Let’s connect, innovate, and create. Come and experience what it means to really live free…without martyring yourself.